Elementor #44

Shilpa Patil

Self transformation spiritual coach

Happiness is your true nature, it is not wrong to desire it, what is wrong is seeking it outside, when it inside


Shilpa is a Self Transformation Coach, & Mindfulness mentor at one of the fastest-growing wellness companies in India. 

She helps individuals find clarity, peace, and joy in daily living while expanding their consciousness through her Transformational Sessions. 

Currently she provides 1 on 1 Personal Coaching & holds Group sessions & Workshops. Her coaching style is simple, unique and yet effective as it allows you to connect to your true-self to find out who you truly are, & what matters to you to live a life in flow and abundance. 

She has coached 200+ Creative Entrepreneurs globally till date and continues to do so. 

Through her Intuitive, Energetic, and Strategic work, her clients are able to find their way back to their true self, gain mental clarity, release mindset blocks, unlock their Intuition, & re-program their subconscious mind, to live a purpose filled passionate life, they once only dreamed about.

Shilpa is known for her soul touching mindfulness sessions & her calming aura

She conducts free weekly live mindfulness sessions and shares consciousness expanding content on social media.

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FOR any INQUIRIES PLEASE EMAIL: hello@shilpapatil.com